Dear All –

A very warm welcome onboard the trial bike ferry “Cykelfærgen” between Denmark and Sweden.

This brand new bike ferry opportunity is a mission-driven heart project where the concept of “caring” shines through everywhere and where the project logo logically therefore also references a bike, a wave (symbolizing the ferry on the water) and a red heart.

You can look forward to enjoying an authentic cultural sailing experience onboard the historic vessel “Elephanten” from 1940.

This is the first cross-border sea route between Denmark and Sweden focusing on cyclists, thereby further cementing the reputation of both countries as bike friendly nations.

The crossing between the charming villages Danish Dragør and Swedish Limhamn takes 1 hour and includes a crossing underneath the Øresund (the Sound) bridge enroute.

The ticket allows for bringing one bicycle onboard and you may therefore easily integrate the ferry transportation into your bicycling trip on both sides of the the Sound.

Quality drinks are available for purchasing onboard.

Elephanten has limited room for passengers and therefore provides for an intimate pleasant sailing experience.

The mood is always great onboard and we enjoy greeting and talking to each other.

Again, a very warm welcome.

See you onboard!